Marketing Specialist (KSA) – Wood Industry

Job Description

  • Managing the team of Marketing by establishing Market/sales area and communication with target markets, setting goals, Reporting performance results to top management.
  • Analysis of market and Marketing team and performance.
  • Monitor customer demand, Training the team on company policies and new Marketing procedures and plans
  • Organize Marketing activities, which include the organization of the Marketing efforts through the development of effective and good organizational structure.
  • Implementation of the Marketing activities, Coordination with other sales, procurement, warehousing, production and financial departments
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Marketing activities.
  • Evaluate the results and take appropriate corrective action for the advancement of performance.
  • Participate in the selection and hiring Marketing team in terms of job analysis and description, and determine the required qualifications and the source
  • Motivate Marketing efforts through the construction and development of an effective compensation system.
  • Personally contacts and secures new business accounts/customers. Securing new clients with all available products.
  • Approaching the existing clients with our new products and to list our products in new Countries/Cities.
  • Supervise the description of the company’s products with the institutions and government departments and engineering, ministries, educational sector, civil defense and all related sectors.
  • Conduct market studies before completing any project and continue to gather
  • Look for new business development opportunities or new business/market.
  • Participation in exhibitions and conferences as well as magazines and advertising campaigns & supervise the company’s publications and ensure that they follow the
  • Develop methodological methods to develop and research resources and company
  • Supervise the implementation of plans and programs and work on the use of the company’s resources
  • Supervise the keeping of records, correspondence and documents of the company to know the prevailing economic conditions related to the type of work carried out by the company, such as competition.
  • Creating promotional information to drive
  • Coordinating multiple channels of marketing
  • Managing budgets for marketing
  • Testing new marketing
  • Building relationships with media
  • Evaluating performances of marketing campaigns.
  • Troubleshooting marketing campaigns that are not performing well
  • Managing employees and third-party
  • Addressing customer service
  • Coming up with new ways to promote new
  • Educating employees about industry marketing
  • Analyzing customer feedback from social media
  • Analyzing advertising returns and reporting to upper
  • Maintain availability of job
  • Website management, Social media management and Copywriting and content management.


  • 35-40 years of age.
  • Has good Arabic & English communication skills
  • Has experience in Wood Manufacturing industry
  • Minimum 8-10 years of experience
  • Bachelor’s Degree / Master’s Degree in Business Management, Marketing, Commerce or any other related course.

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